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10 min.


2.6 mm

Pixel PItch

38 ft.

LED Wall

The Superstage™

This LED wall and stage can be set up anywhere in 10-minutes.

The Magicbox Logo


Mobile LED Studio

Magicbox delivers an LED volume and computer control center anywhere you need it. The Superstudio™ is a semi-trailer that transforms into an LED studio in a matter of about 35-minutes. This is the fastest way to use LED volumes for virtual productions.

Now you have the power of ICVFX virtual productions anywhere you need them; as a second unit in a soundstage next to a giant LED volume, in a parkinglot capturing car process shots, even on the street in front of your house. Never before has an LED volume been so convenient.

  • Main Wall: 20'10" x 9'10" / 4800px x 2160px

  • Side Walls: 16'8" x 9'10" / 3840px x 2160px

  • 1.3mm pixel pitch

  • 1,000 nits

  • Megapixel processor

Articulating LED Ceiling

The LED ceiling can be raised, lowered, and tilted to position for the the ideal reflection off glass and metallic surfaces.

  • Ceiling: 16'8" x 6'6"  / 3840px x 1440px

  • 1.3mm pixel pitch

  • 1,000 nits

  • Megapixel processor

Mobile LED Stage

Magicbox delivers an LED wall, stage, and control center anywhere you need it, when you need it. The Magicbox Mobile Superstage™ is a semi-trailer that transforms into an LED stage in a matter of about 10-minutes. This is the fastest way to build an LED wall and stage or event productions.​ Now you can have and LED wall anywhere you want it; inside a convention center for panels and presentations, or at a festival for speeches and performances, even in the middle of the desert for a rave. Never before has an LED stage been so versatile.​

5-Star Overall Safety Rating





Front Seat


Rear Seat



TThe Magicbox Superstage™in use at NAB 2023




24' x 42' x 13'6"

24,000 lbs

LED Volume

Stage Size

Main Wall:

  • 17'6" x 9'10"

  • 3840px x 2160px


Side Walls:

  • 14'7" x 9'10"

  • 1800px x 1200px



  • 10' x 11'6" 

  • 768px x 448px

17'6" x 17'6"

Floor Height



  • Camlock tails

  • 200amp 

  • 208v

  • 3-Phase

  • Shore or generator

LED Displays

Pixel Pitch:

  • Main Wall: 1.3mm

  • Side Walls: 2.6mm

  • Ceiling: 3.8mm

Nits: 600

Processor: Novastar

Discounts available for multi-day bookings. All bookings are first come first served.


A 100% deposit is due upon booking. The deposit is refundable up to two week s prior to the booking. Any overages are due upon completion of the booking.


Pre-purchasing days at discounted rates, require a 100% non-refundable payment at the time of purchase. Other restrictions may apply.

Book the Magicbox Superstage™ for as little as $15,000/day.

Big Stage Presence, Tiny Little Price.

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