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Magicbox Help Center

  • What are the dimension of the Magicbox?
    The Magicbox Superstudio Length: 48-feet Width Closed: 8-feet 6-inches Width Open: 32-feet Height: 13-feet 6-inches Interior: 22-feet wide by 24-feet deep by 10-feet tall (8-feet, 6inches under LED ceiling) The Magicbox Superstage Length: 38-feet Width Closed: 8-feet 6-inches Width Open: 26-feet Height: 16-feet 6-inches Stage: 17-feet wide by 17-feet deep by 13-feet tall
  • How much does the Magicbox weight?
    The Superstudio weight: 52,000lbs The Superstage weight: 26,000lbs
  • What are the power requirements for the Magicbox?
    200amp 3-phase 208v Camlock hookups are required.
  • Do I need a generator to power Magicbox?
    No. All Magicbox trailers can be connected to shore power using camlock cables.
  • Can I transport Magicbox on my own?
    No. We utilize third-party trucking partners who have been trained in the transport of Magicbox trailers, use properly specified semi-tractors, and whom are properly insured to transport our specialized equipment.
  • Will you open and close Magicbox for me?
    Yes. Magicbox is deliovered with a technical crew to open the trailer and perform an inspection with you upon arrival. We also provide a technical crew to perform the final inspection with you and close Magicbox for return.
  • Can my engine operator run content on the Magicbox?
    Yes. Currently, all of our solutions run on industry standard software including Unreal Engine, Pixera, and Adobe Creative Suite. You are welcome to use your own operators as desired. However, we may require you also contract one of our authorized Magicbox Technicians for the duration of your rental.
  • Can I buy a Magicbox?
    Currently, all Magicbox trailers are only available for rent.

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