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Dodge Hornet R/T National TV Commercial

Inner Child Intervention

This production is a perfect example of some of the many benefits shooting Car Process inside Magicbox enables. For starters, there's a kid driving the car.


Next, this spot is filled with tons of dialogue. The fact that the director, the AD, and the entire camera department were all within feet of the picture car at all times, means direction was delivered quickly, efficiently, and without any hassles. And we never, ever had to drive around the block to get back to one.

Car Process

Magicbox removes all the wasted time in a traditional process trailer shoot. All that extra time you save allows you get to take advantage of one the great benefits of shooting inside Magicbox,  you have time to get maximum coverage --from principal photography, to alt takes, to pick up shots, Magicbox gives you the ability to capture tons of footage in a short amount of time.

Virtual Production

Client: Stellantis / Dodge
Agency: Arts & Sciences
Director: Daniel Kleinman
Executive Producer: Johnnie Frankel
Head of Production: Milena Milicevic
1st Assistant Director: Mark Robinson
Production Supervisor: miranda sidor
Director of Photography: Toby Irwin
Driving Plates Crew:

And to the rest of the amazing crew for your work inside Magicbox!

Kudos & thank you:

Netflix wanted to give Zack Snyder fans first hand taste of his new science fantasy Rebel Moon. To make it happen, they decided to shoot what they called "the last shot of Rebel Moon," inside Magicbox.


We built an inter-planetary scene from the movie inside Magicbox, then welcomed fans in where they were greeted by a full production crew and a director who would talk them through the action of the scene. Some lucky fans even found themselves directed by Zack Snyder himself!

Moments later, they received a text message with a link to download an official Rebel Moon trailer that starred themselves!

Experiential Marketing

The scene from Rebel Moon was developed on the LED walls inside the Magicbox using Unreal Engine.  

Our system seamlessly renders the 3D world onto the walls while simultaneously connecting it on-set peripherals like the camera to enable a more photo realistic image capture.

The result of blending these virtual world and real words together is the ability to instantly totally immerse anyone into the Rebel Moon universe, and capture a scene of their experience.

Virtual Production

Client: Netflix

Producer: Jon Deaton
Agencies: Extra Credit, Crown & Conquer
Director of Photography: Pierre Habib

Post Production Supervisor: Chuck Pappas

And to the rest of the amazing crew for your work inside Magicbox!

Kudos & thank you:


Adobe Interactive Virtual Produciton Experience

Jungle Hunt Adventure Movie


University of California, Berkeley Football Team

Social Media Content

We were thrilled when long time partners Adobe contacted us to develop a digital experience for their 2023 Adobe Max conference.

The result was “Jungle Hunt," a fully immersive virtual production experience that transported hundreds of our guests into a tropical wilderness, then made them the stars of their very own adventure movie. 

Experiential Marketing

WPP developed a jungle environment in Unreal Engine for our LED walls, while we filled the studio with more than 100 tropical plants.

As guests entered they were greeted by our director and camera crew who took them through a series of actions inside the jungle scene. 


Minutes after our guest completed the virtual production experience, they were able to visit and download their own personalized Jungle Hunt adventure movie.

Virtual Production

Partners: Adobe,, WPP, Lucid Link, Nvidia, and RED.

And to our amazing crew for your work inside Magicbox!

Kudos & thank you:

Any business or person who is in the public eye can sing the pros and cons of social media. And one of the biggest challenges they face is generating enough content to feed the social media beast without breaking the bank.

The University of California Berkeley football team wanted to utilize Magicbox to produce professional-grade content for their social media, fan experiences, and other marketing.

Listen to why they did it and the impression the experience working with Magicbox left with the players, and on the organization. 

Content Creation

We worked with several players on Cal's football team over a single day of production to capture tons of content the team, the players, and the school could harness for countless uses.

Magicbox enables you create incredibly kinetic environments by integrating DMX controlled devices like lights and hazers into our already totally immersive studios.

The Results was tons and tons of footage which could be used in a variety of ways to market, promote, and feature the players, the team, the program and the school.

Virtual Production

The University of California, Berkeley, the team's administration, players, and media department.

And to our amazing crew for your work inside Magicbox!

Kudos & thank you:


NVIDIA & Microsoft

Corporate & Broadcast


Netflix Interactive Virtual Production Experience

Rebel Moon

One of the most exciting aspects of Magicbox is our price-point, and the doors our affordability open to enable customers of all budgets ranges the opportunity to utilize Hollywood caliber virtual production technology.

Corporate video is the perfect example. The notion of renting a giant LED volume for a corporate video was once deemed ridiculous, because of the cost. We produced this entire series for NVIDIA and Microsoft in a single day. Whats more exciting, we did it from the show floor of the NAB show. More than just affordable. That is incredible!

Corporate Video

This simple set took minutes to assemble, and was flexible enough to accommodate anyone from two host up to a panel of five. 

Behind the scenes were all the normal studio lighting and four cameras, including one on a SiSu camera robotic arm. 

This virtual newsroom environment on the LED walls was developed in Unreal Engine, and could be easily and quickly adapted to different color combinations or even moodier lighting. 

Virtual Production

Customers: NVIDIA and Microsoft

Talent: Sepi Motamedi, Simon Crownshaw, and Rick Champagne

Kudos & thank you:

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