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It's Hammer Time

Alon Hammer joins Magicbox as CTO.

Los Angeles, February 20th, 2024 - Magicbox, the leading mobile virtual production company, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Alon Hammer as the company's new Chief Technical Officer (CTO). With a rich background in creating real-time 3D visuals, projection mapping, virtual production, XR, generative design, visual coding, and interactive art installations, Alon brings a wealth of experience and innovation to Magicbox.

Alon Hammer is renowned for his groundbreaking work in the realms of technology-driven artistry and immersive experiences. His portfolio includes creating captivating visuals for major brands, collaborating with top creative studios worldwide, and delivering unforgettable performances at prestigious festivals and events across the globe.

"After working with Alon for the past few months it was clear he possessed the skills, knowledge, talent, and ambition required to take the reins as CTO. Most importantly, I just like him."

--Brian T. Nowac, Magicbox CEO

"We are delighted to welcome Alon to the Magicbox team as our new Chief Technical Officer," said Brian T. Nowac, CEO of Magicbox. "Alon's expertise and creativity will be instrumental in driving our technological advancements and pushing the boundaries of mobile virtual production. His proven track record of delivering exceptional interactive experiences aligns perfectly with our vision for the future."

Alon career highlights underscore his commitment to innovation and pushing the limits of possibility in the digital realm. His work spans a diverse range of projects, from creating mesmerizing visuals for renowned brands to crafting unique interactive art installations that captivate audiences worldwide.

"I am honored to join Magicbox as CTO and be part of this growing team working at the forefront of mobile virtual production," said Hammer.

"I am excited to collaborate with the talented individuals at Magicbox to continue delivering cutting-edge technology to inspire and enable creatives to amaze their audiences."

--Alon Hammer, Magicbox CTO

As CTO, Alon will lead Magicbox's technical initiatives, spearheading the development of innovative solutions to enhance the company's virtual production capabilities and elevate the overall user experience. His expertise in real-time 3D visuals, interactive technologies, and immersive storytelling will play a pivotal role in shaping the future direction of Magicbox.

Magicbox is determined to democratize and decentralize technology by giving artists and creatives anywhere the ability to access and use new tools to advance their craft, and bring their visions to life. Our first solutions are the Superstudio™ a semi trailer that transforms into an LED studio for virtual productions and immersive experiences, and the Superstage™ a semi trailer that transforms into an LED wall and stage for performances, presentations, and panels.

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