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Car Process Doesn't Get Any Better, or Easier.

Innovative Design

The first time you see the Magicbox Superstudio in person, you know almost instantly it was designed to shoot scenes inside moving vehicles. We've included features to make shooting dialogue and action inside moving vehicles easy, safe, fast, and it just looks soooooo good.

   Car Ramps & Access Doors

   Mototrized LED Ceiling

   Motorized Turntable Floor

​Client: Stellantis / Dodge
Agency: Arts & Sciences
Director: Daniel Kleinman
Executive Producer: Johnnie Frankel
Head of Production: Milena Milicevic
1st Assistant Director: Mark Robinson
Production Supervisor: miranda sidor
Director of Photography: Toby Irwin
Driving Plates Crew:

And to the rest of the amazing crew for your work inside Magicbox!

Kudos and thank you to:

This production is a perfect example of one of the great benefits of shooting inside Magicbox, time to get maximum coverage --from principal photography, to alt takes, to pick up shots, Magicbox gives you the ability to capture tons of footage in a short amount of time.

Dodge Hornet Commercial 
Car Process >< Virtual Production

"Inner Child Intervention"
Dodge Hornet R/T

Sam Quote.png

"There is no other system I've seen that can set up, shoot, and strike all inside a 12-hour day. It's magic."

--Sam Nicholson, ASC
Founder & CEO, Stargate Studios


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