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Rebel Moon,
Experiential Marketing,
& Virtual Production

Virtual Production, Anyone? Everyone!


This semi-trailer can be delivered almost anywhere, then, in just about 45-minutes, it transforms into a fully functioning LED studio for virtual productions. Fast and Affordable.

Netflix, Rebel Moon

This LED wall and stage can be set up anywhere in 10-minutes.

Magicbox Superstage at Paramount PIctures

Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon,
Experiential Marketing,
Virtual Production

Netflix wanted to give Zack Snyder fans first hand taste of his new science fantasy Rebel Moon. To make it happen, they decided to shoot what they called "the last shot of Rebel Moon," inside Magicbox.

We built an inter-planetary scene from the movie inside Magicbox, then welcomed fans in where they were greeted by a full production crew and a director who would talk them through the action of the scene. Some lucky fans even found themselves directed by Zack Snyder himself!

Moments later, they received a text message with a link to download an official Rebel Moon trailer that starred themselves!

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