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Beta Test Program

This fall we are releasing the Magicbox prototype out into the world so you can see just how amazeballs mobile virtual production can be. We want you to try Magicbox out on any type of project you want. A movie, a streaming series, a commercial, a music video, or even just a test shoot to see if the virtual production workflow is right for your project. Whatever you want to do, we want you to experience the value Magicbox delivers first hand. 

To take part in the Beta Testing Program, fill in the brief form below. We will be reach out to applicants over the next few weeks to discuss the details.

This is your first opportunity to step inside the Magicbox.

Beta Testing Program Application
Project Type
Where are you in the production process? (Choose one)
Where are you in the funding process?
How many consecutive days will you require the Magibcox for your production?
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